Oskar Duveborn

DJ gigs

  • 12th April - Synth After Work, Sjätte Tunnan, Stockholm
  • 23rd April - Gästabudvar, Industrigatan 2, Stockholm
  • 27th April - Syntax Error, H62, Stockholm
  • 8th May - SEC-T Spring Pub, Magasinet, Stockholm
  • 25th May - Syntax Error, H62, Stockholm
  • 30th May - Security Fest, Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Göteborg
  • 28th June - Subkultfestivalen, Vänersborg
  • 27th July - Syntax Error Off-The-Grid, Stockholm
  • 15th August - Parkbion, Tantolunden, Stockholm
  • 31st August - Syntax Error, H62, Stockholm
  • 12th September - SEC-T Conference, Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm
  • 28th September - Syntax Error, H62, Stockholm
  • 10th October - Moderskeppet, Birka Gotland, Stockholm
  • 26th October - Syntax Error Halloween, Stockholm
  • 30th November - Syntax Error, H62, Stockholm

Syntax Error

I'm an organizer, the treasurer, a promoter and a DJ at the hon-profit nightclub in Sweden promoting video game music and a friendly environment. I also designed and developed the current website.


I'm the Club Manager and promoter for the large cyber security conference SEC-T in Stockholm where I get to organize slightly bigger concerts and cyberpunk-themed entertainment each year.


I'm a founder and an organizer of the weekly tech afterwork in Stockholm called Måndagsklubben which has been around for 12+ years on basically every Monday.


I'm the DJ in the DJ+VJ duo Fuzzycats who believes Big Beat is ripe for a comeback. We're playing that 90:s big beat and break beat music that you instantly love and is particularily fitting for hacking and computer technology events.


Contact me for collaborations and other ideas.


Check out my public repositories and organizations.


Enjoy my casual photo vlogging..


Message me for collaborations or other ideas.